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Do People Even Look at These?

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Will People Even Look at My Tour?

This question, or variations of this question, is something we hear so often.

Well, the answer is both Definitely and Verifiably. But the question(s) is understandable. As a Google Maps user, more often than not, I am not interested in going through the photos. Many times I’m just looking for the best route to get on the freeway. So, when we think of our general usage of Google Maps, we don’t automatically think of a Virtual Tour. 

And yet, there are lots of times, especially when I’m trying to make a decision about where to go or where to call, that I absolutely do look at the photos. As someone who is very aware of Google Virtual Tours, there are times I’m going to the photos hoping for a tour because I know it will help answer my consumer-based question. 


Therefore, it’s about how you ask the question:

Do most people click through the Virtual Tour when they visit a Google Listing?

Do many people click through the Virtual Tour, because the overall volume is high?



And of course, people will also be able to click through your tour because it will be embedded on your website or if you email it to them as part of your communication strategy

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