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Creative Virtual Tour Ideas

Give your virtual tour a little more personality

There are unique ways to be more creative with your Google Virtual Tour and maybe integrate it into other marketing elements. Below are some samples, but the best idea is likely not listed below. The best idea may very well be something you come up with for your business. You might also want to check out what is included in Enhanced Virtual Tours, as they open up even more opportunities for creativity. 

Furry Friends

People love animals, and getting a Google Virtual Tour is the perfect way to show off your furry friends! Whether you have a cat, dog, cow, horse, or anything, we can dedicate one (or multiple) photosphere(s) to your pet. This works best for small business owners and small shops. Here’s an example from a Motorcycle & RV Center:

Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t love a good Easter Egg Hunt? With your own Google Virtual Tour, you can hide random objects all over your tour or even put them in plain site! Below are a few examples of some creative Easter Eggs in tours:

There are two young ladies hiding in this virtual tour for Auto Connection of Bellevue.

In this virtual tour, the business owner of Montague Motors decided to put himself in the virtual tour 20 times. Can you find them all?

Promotions or Specials

Another creative idea for a Google Virtual Tour would be to put some promotions within the tour itself. You could have a poster that has the promotion, you could have someone hold it, or you can print t-shirts for every team member and have them all wear the shirts in the tour. The possibilities are endless!

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