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Adjusting to COVID-19

Show Customers Your Adjustments to Help Keep Them Safe

Adjusting to this pandemic has been incredibly trying for most businesses. We have all had to adjust our operations in so many ways and our customer’s behavior has adjusted as well.

Every business and industry is unique. Therefore, your virtual tour would have unique elements, but below are some ideas:


Wear Masks

Measures that a workplace takes to maintain high and healthy standards are important now more than ever. Showing that your team has taken proper care to protect themselves and your clients in a tour is a great way to gain their trust.


Highlight Signage

Besides showing that your team is following social distancing policies and wearing personal protective equipment, show off your social distancing tape, stickers, and/or signage to show that they will be safe if they visit you in-person.


Show Environment

Giving your clients the ability to keep themselves clean is always a good idea. Whenever possible, having hand-sanitizer, cleaning stations, or any other form of sanitization would be a great part to highlight in your tour.

We’re all hoping that this pandemic is past us sooner rather than later, but we also understand that we need to be prepared for all possibilities. If you think a virtual tour that highlights your responsiveness would be beneficial, please let us know.

To the right, you can see Hendrick Toyota showing off their social distancing circles in their virtual tour.

Here Are Some Examples