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 Virtual Tours

Skilled Nursing & Residential Facilities

Give your team the sales communication tool they need

Family members that are not local can easily tour your facility & amenities
During the Covid pandemic, allows for safe “walk-through”


The benefits of a Virtual Tours should pay for itself very quickly. Most facilities range between $790 – $2390

Our standard pricing for Residential Facilities is below, but additional discounts can apply depending on multiple locations & specific photography dynamics

  • $360 for initial four photospheres
  • $50 per additional photosphere 1 – 10 ($860 for 14 point tour)
  • $40 per additional photosphere 11 – 20 ($1260 for 24 point tour)
  • $30 per additional photosphere 21 – 30 ($1560 for 34 point tour)
  • $25 per additional photosphere 31+ ($1810 for 44 point tour)($2210 for 60 point tour)

Put it on Google Too

The tour can also be published to your Google Listing and it will be shown whenever/wherever your Google listing is found.

Enhance it

Navigation Menu makes the experience more user friendly & efficient

Virtual tour 1

Add informative text or links to other parts of your website


  • $149 per location for build, Navigation menu, autoplay
  • $15 per hotspot
  • $99 for 3 years hosting

Embed video to show the same area but in a different setting

Boost Your


  search         Engine         Optimization




  1. help us understand how we can best meet your needs.
  2. Schedule the photography shoot. The shoot itself will take anywhere between a few hours to a couple days, depending on your situation. We shoot at all hours and we are able to shoot both with or without staff and residents.
  3. Publish. We typically publish your tour within about one week.
  4. Enhance it. If you’ve chosen this option (almost a requirement for your industry) we work with you to get all the “hotspots” perfect. 
  5. Send you the HTML to embed on your website. The entire process from photography to completion takes 2 – 3 weeks.

Other Ways to Use Your Virtual Tour

  1. Print Material. Easily create a QR code that directs users to your virtual tour
  2. Add a link to your email signature
  3. Post to Social Media
  4. Use Screencast software to create a video for youtube