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  1. Walking into the business
  2. Initial greeting with the business owner
  3. Walk-through the facility and determine number of photospheres to use
  4. Explain what they will be seeing with all the photospheres.
  5. Explain pricing- what’s their budget. Showing the art of upselling.
  6. Do any adjustments to the showroom/ the areas being photographed/ any sort of cleaning and moving stuff around
  7. Tell the business owner the final price of the virtual tour
  8. Sending invoice/ communication on when final product will be done
  9. Any last/ final thoughts before leaving. Like extra services we provide. Making that good connection.


Interaction with the how-to’s of the shoot/ training video

  1. Show Rob setting up the equipment at the beginning
  2. Getting good shots of him doing a full photosphere
  3. Rob aligning the tripod to the right place- how to do that
  4. Rob explaining to the camera what he is doing with HDR and getting the best lighting for each shot