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Dealership Google Virtual Tours

See Inside Virtual Tours specializes in doing dealerships. We’ve worked with thousands of dealerships nationwide to help them gain more online presence on Google Maps. We know the ins and outs of creating great virtual tours for dealerships. Feel free to give us a call to find out more.

Benefits of Google 360 Tours for Your Dealership

Boost Your Online Visibility

In Google Maps listings rankings are increased by adding quality content like Google Virtual Tours to them. Search and Maps listing take up more space because they show the virtual tour when they come up. 

Great for Your Website

One of the biggest reasons that car dealerships get Google virtual tours is to be able to add the content to their website for increased SEO. Google’s Virtual Tours have great quality content scores which in turn helps your website rank better in search. 

Extremely Affordable

As a business owner, you know how expensive marketing can be. That’s why we make VR Tours so affordable! Getting a Google-approved virtual tour published to Google Search and Google Maps for a one time set up cost is a great value. While you start bringing in customers to your location every month, you only pay once for the Google virtual tour cost.

Dealership Google Virtual Tours

1. Schedule

Together, we schedule the ideal day for your Google Maps Virtual Tour Shoot. While not always the case, it is usually the best to avoid times of high traffic in your dealership and any time of the day where a lot of sunlight stream in through main windows should typically be avoided. You’ll want to make sure that your best cars are on the floor or any models that you want to show off.

2. Shoot

Depending on the size of your location, the photographer will be at your location for one to three hours. Before they start shooting, they will complete a walk through with you to determine the areas of your facility that you want to highlight. Typically for dealerships the showroom, waiting area, and service bay a great areas to add to the tour. The photographer will collect the one-time payment at this time.

3. Build

Back at our offices, we will edit and stitch the photography together to create the photo-spheres that will make up the vr tours. This process usually takes less than one week, but can take up to three weeks once in a while.

4. Publish

As soon as your business’s virtual tour is edited and stitched together, we will publish it through Google’s portal to Google Search, Maps, and Plus. This process is typically completed in a matter of days but delays in the system do occur from time to time. Once your tour is published, we will email you the HTML of your tour so that you can easily embed it on your website & Facebook.


$360 FIRST 4

We charge $360 as our “base” pricing. This includes 4 photo-spheres. Google VR Tours are made up of multiples photo-spheres. A photo-sphere is a “360” degree viewpoint. One photo-sphere is placed just outside your front entrance and three are placed inside. These 4 photo-spheres are connected to each other and the distance between each is approximately 15 feet. Dealerships tend to be quite large and it would be important to factor in the extra distance it might take to get to certain areas like service bay.


Depending on the size and layout of your facility, you may choose to add additional photo-spheres to enlarge the scope of your virtual tour. These are only $50 each. Each photosphere is connected at distances of approximately 15 feet. Bulk discounts available for businesses that have multiple locations or need over 12 photospheres.

Dealership Google Virtual Tours



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