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Virtual Tours For Restaurant

A Google Virtual Tour is a must for any restaurant with a nice interior.

  • You need to do everything you can to rank higher when someone says into their phone, “Restaurant near me”. Optimizing your Google Listing is crucial for this
  • More than 50% of people try to look at pictures of the interior prior to booking a reservation
  • Very important tool for booking large groups. Groups always want to see the space they will be utilizing. Now you can simply email the guest a link to any portion of your Google Virtual Tour.

Some things to Consider

  • If your restaurant’s look & ambiance rely heavily on an evening or nighttime lighting, a night shoot might turn out best. You can see the examples below. If we do plan a night shoot, be sure to alert your closing staff so they don’t start stacking chairs prematurely
  • If you have a bakery or some type of display for food, we should aim for a time early before the display case gets diminished.

More Examples

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