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Virtual Tours For Fitness

There are gyms everywhere. But not your gym. Your Gym is unique. A Google Virtual Tour is a great way to demonstrate that. 

  • Your gym is designed in a specific way for a specific reason. Potential customers can recognize this and be enticed via a virtual walk through
  • Many gyms will intentionally shoot their facility with people “frozen” in positions during the tour. This adds a fun and informative level to the user experience. Read more about shooting with people in the tour.

Some things to consider

  • Coordinating a high-quality photoshoot requires a bit of planning ahead. If you want to stage parts of your gym for your tour, please make an advance notice for your members and staff to be prepared for the photoshoot.
  • If you’d like to showcase high-quality equipment, consider a photoshoot while the gym is closed or has low usage.

More Examples

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