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Virtual Tours For Dentist

You probably cannot overstate the importance of a patient feeling comfortable about visiting the dentist.

You know this and have probably taken many steps to help your patients feel comfortable. A Google Virtual Tour can go a long way to help with this. By being able to see the quality of your facility and actually virtually experiencing it prior to their visit, potential patients can be put at ease.

  • Patients will view pictures (or the lack of) as a sign of the overall quality of the service they can expect to receive. If you have a nice facility, you should show it off.
  • Optimizing your Google Listing, with a Google Virtual Tour, is great for ranking better in local search
  • Yes, a Google Virtual Tour is not a HIPPA problem

Things to consider

  • We need about one hour and patients definitely can’t be there. So prior, after, or during lunch is when we need to schedule.

More Examples