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 Virtual Tours For Car Dealership

Google Virtual Tours are especially important to Car Dealerships

  • A huge % of incoming online traffic flows through your Google Listing. There’s just NO reason not to do everything you can to enhance your Google Listing.
  • Getting a car dealership virtual tour is affordable. Many dealerships are spending 10,000 + a month on advertising. To spend hundreds, one time, to enhance everything else is always worth it.
  • You’ve invested probably millions of dollars in your showroom and service center. Now, it’s time to show it off.
  • Content marketing has become very important in Search Engine Marketing. Let’s create a plan to shoot your service center & lounge, one time, perfectly. Then we can photograph/update your showroom more consistently (once a year or after new models arrive), and the cost remains low.

Some things to Consider for your car dealership virtual tour

  • Some dealerships have different hours for their service/parts/showroom. We don’t want to aim for a time where Parts or Service are closed and those areas appear to shut down.
  • We want to avoid any time of day where the showroom is getting a lot of direct sunlight.
  • You’ll want to make sure that the vehicles you want in the showroom are set up.
  • Some dealerships choose to shoot some photospheres inside of cars. If you want any interior vehicle photospheres to make sure to let us know and have those car keys available (and car battery charged).
  • Some dealerships put a team shot in.

More Examples