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Virtual Tours For Automotive Repair

Trust and Legitimacy are hugely important in your industry.

There are a lot of untrustworthy shops out there and you are not one of them. A Google Virtual Tour, showing your professional facility, goes a long way to help establish that to people who are looking for a place.

  • If somebody needs a surprise repair, they may say into their phone, “auto repair near me”. Optimizing your Google Listing with a tour is helpful.
  • If your shop and your lounge are better than average, people like to see that.

Things to consider

  • A shop is still supposed to look like a shop. You will want to clean prior to the appointment, but don’t feel like everything needs to be perfect. 
  • This is not something most shops concern themselves with, but if you want certain vehicles in the shop, prep to have them available.

More Examples