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Let’s Consider Lighting

While we will make your tour look good regardless of the lighting situation, sometimes being intentional about lighting goes a long way. As with most indoor photography, the main thing to consider is the discrepancy between inside and outside. Below are the most important things to consider.

Below are examples highlighting the main elements to consider.

Lighting Examples

Avoiding Direct Sun / Too Much Exterior Light

We want to avoid any times of the day where there is a lot of direct sunlight that can create shadows. Consider if the sun rises or sets through any important windows and avoid that time. Here are some examples:

Allstate Insurance

Toyota Dealership

Bright Days

Daytime Shoot where the sun is above the building and has no negative effect.

Discrepancy between outside & inside light is such that the windows are blown out.

Sonoma Harley

Zion Harley

Low Lighting Situations

Night shoots turn out great as long as there’s decent outdoor lighting. 

Rainy Day Shoot: The interior typically looks great during a rainy day.

AR Cucina

iMotorsport Inc

Where Lighting is Not an Issue

For many businesses that do not have many windows or natural light, the time of day does not matter much. Below are two examples of businesses that would have looked great at any time of day:

Houseplants Galore

Planet Fitness

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