Lighting Scenerios

Making sure your tour is perfectly lit

Considering Lighting

Lighting will make the biggest difference between the Google Virtual Tour turning out good vs great. But lighting does not matter to every business equally. The primary factor here is how much natural light the areas you want photographed receive. Below are some examples &  important things to consider:

  • For daytime shoots, we are not worried about having too little light. This is never a problem. We want to avoid too much outside light affecting the inside of the facility. 
  • Day time shoots look great as long as we want to avoid times of day in which there is direct sunlight streaming through main windows. We want to avoid times of day when there is a stark line of sun vs shadow on the showroom floor.
  • Night Shoots look very good the majority of the time; as long as there is enough facility light. If there isn’t enough light, especially around the entrance, the final result can be too dark.
  • If the focus is the interior (most cases), rainy days usually look great inside.
  • We don’t need to aim for dawn or dusk, but these times pretty much always turn out great.

Lighting Examples

For many businesses that do not have many windows or natural light, the time of day does not matter much. Below are two examples of businesses that would have looked great at any time of day:

Houseplants Galore

Planet Fitness

Daytime shoots for businesses with windows should avoid doing shoots in the late afternoon when the sun cast shadows on the interior. Sometimes this can look good, but most times, it can make the tour look at. Here are some examples:

Allstate Insurance

Audi Dealership

Daytime Shoot where the sun is above the building and has no negative effect.

Daytime Shoot where there is so much discrepancy between outside light & inside light that the windows are a bit blown out.

Sonoma Harley

Zion Harley

Night shoot where there’s enough lighting and it turned out great. You will notice this even more as you click into the restaurant.

Rainy Day Shoot

AR Cucina

iMotorsport Inc

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