Facebook Embed Guide

Embed Your Tour on Facebook

Our Step-by-Step Guide

Disclaimer: Facebook only permits pages with 2,000 Likes or more to add custom tabs – Source

Note: These actions are made using “Classic” Facebook.
Learn How To Switch.

Step 1.

To embed your Google Virtual Tour on your Facebook profile, visit the Static HTML: iframe tabs app page on Facebook and click the button:

Add Static HTML to a page

Step 1

Step 2.

Choose the page you wish to add a tab to by clicking the drop-down menu options. Once your desired page is selected in the drop-down menu, click the button Add Page Tab.

step 2

Step 3.

With the appropriate administrator account logged in, visit your Business Profile page and click on Settings located near the top right side of your Facebook interface.

step 3
step 4

Step 4.

After Settings is clicked, your Settings Dashboard will open. 

step 5

Step 5.

Locate and click on the Templates and Tabs section.

step 6

Step 6.

Once your Templates and Tabs section is open, locate the button Add a Tab to create a new tab to embed your virtual tour.

Note: Your tab will be labeled as Welcome when it is first added. You need to rename this tab
(ie: Google Virtual Tour).

step 7c
step 7a

Step 7.

Your new Static HTML tab will appear. Again, please take note that your new tab will appear as Welcome before you change it. Click on Settings to edit its name.

step 7b

Step 8.

Switch the option Show Google Virtual Tour tab to On, then click Save button!

step 8

Step 9.

Open your Business profile page and locate your newly created tab for your Google Virtual Tour. Click on the button Set up tab to add your virtual tour.

step 9

Step 10.

Your tab window will show the Static HTML editor where you will enter your Google Virtual Tour’s HTML code.

step 10

Step 11.

Copy the full HTML code to your clipboard by highlighting it & right clicking the option to Copy, or using keyboard shortcut CTRL+C. Paste the code into the index.html tab. Once pasted, click the button Save & Publish.


You can also adjust the dimensions of the tour by replacing the numbers in width and height in the code. We suggest “1000” width and “600” height!

Now Your Tour Is Live!


Add Your Google Virtual Tour To Your Facebook Page

IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

  1. Go to the Look Inside App
  2. Click the large purple button “Click here to add the app to your Facebook page”
  3. Choose the page you want to add the Look Inside app to and then click “Add Page Tab”
  4. Follow the instructions to retrieve the link and add it to your tour. If we completed your tour, we sent the link to you in your congrats email.
  5. Click the button and you are done!



There are other ways of adding your 360 virtual tour to your Facebook page.

My360 has written a guide on how to do this: https://my360propertyvirtualtours.com/add-virtual-tours-facebook/


If you have any questions about getting your tour on your Facebook page, please reach out to us and we would be glad to offer our assistance. Contact us at (213) 477-7465 or send an email to info@seeinsidevirtualtours.com